Getting attention doesn't have to be hard. 

These days, delivering your message can be tough. Smart phones, social media, and on-demand programming give your customers the power to tune you out, leaving traditional marketing initiatives ineffective at worst and unpredictable at best.

There's an easier way to reach people.

Cut through the noise, engage customers, win loyalty, and create thousands of positive impressions: captivate your audience with an advertising hot air balloon. 

Hot air balloon advertising:

Commands attention. Rather than competing with sponsors on the ground, a balloon dominates the sky.

Is positive marketing. Not only are hot air balloons educational opportunities for kids, they bring a sense of joy and wonder to adults. 

Is naturally viral. When people see a balloon, their excitement is contagious: they want to tell others about it and share their experience. Not only will they grab others and get them to look, they'll take pictures and share via social media. 

As part of Advantage Aerosports, we are turn-key advertising balloon specialists.


  • Balloon festival production and/or attendance
  • Educational programs at schools
  • National promotion tours
  • Metropolitan flights
  • Demographic targeting
  • Media flights

We manage:

  • Balloon design concept
  • Production
  • Tour management
  • Event execution
  • On-site public relations with local and national media

Some clients:

  • Dodge
  • Wendy's
  • The NFL (Superbowl balloons)
  • The WB
  • Chick-Fil-A

Interested putting a corporate balloon to work for your company?