Just a few ways we're different.

In Phoenix, the weather is nice, the winds are consistent, the landscape is beautiful, and the people are friendly. It's truly an ideal place to take a balloon ride. It also so happens to be the perfect place to operate a balloon company.

As such, we know you have a lot of choices when you're looking for a flight here, and purchasing a hot air balloon ride involves comparing and contrasting different vendors. We hope you'll choose to fly with us.

Why we're consistently rated one of the top activities in Phoenix, Arizona:


Small groups or private flights

We focus our business on small groups and private balloon rides. On a normal flight, we'll take four people or less (plus the pilot). When you choose 2 Fly Us, you get plenty of one-on-one interaction with Kevin and a very personalized flight experience: you'll speak to your pilot on the phone, there's no waiting for straggling guests, and the focus is on making happy memories. By the end of the flight, new friendships have formed between everyone onboard, which is just not possible if we carried larger groups of people. 

A wonderful adventure! I was planning a balloon flight (our first) for our 37th wedding anniversary. After researching a few hot air balloon companies in the area, it was an easy choice after talking with Kevin. We opted for the personal flight of only 4 people. Wow, did we make the right choice. When we come back to Phoenix, we will do this again, but never with anyone other than Kevin.
— TripAdvisor review by Brad F.

Experience and safety

Kevin has been flying hot air balloons for over 30 years, logging over 8,500 hours flight time all over the country and across the world. He's also an active, well-respected flight instructor (in fact, he's mentored and trained many pilots currently flying in the valley). Combine this experience with an unblemished safety record and you can feel confident you're choosing the right pilot for your hot air balloon adventure.

I am so pleased that we went with Kevin and his ground crew member, Gene. Safety was always top priority and we ended up in the basket just the two of us on a sunrise ride with clouds. Kevin’s basket is smaller which was a huge plus for us, and he is known as a mentor to many others in the area who love hot air ballooning. He is a team player who focuses on each person, has funny jokes, and has deep knowledge of his work and the area. I would do this again in a heartbeat if I knew the people were as seasoned and competent and FUN as Kevin.
— Trip Advisor review by mokuluadrive

Warm, Family-like Atmosphere

It's our passion to share the joy of ballooning with you and completely immerse you in the experience of flying. Our goal is to treat you as though you were part of our family, form new friendships each flight, and leave you with happy memories to share when you return home.

Best of Arizona! On the morning of our flight we met Kevin and his amazing assistant who immediately made us feel comfortable and part of the family. When we started the ride, Kevin took time to tour us around the beautiful area and enlighten us with interesting stories of Arizona and ballooning history. I would recommend 2 Fly Us to ANYONE! We plan to return with our families soon!
— TripAdvisor review by Butl9892

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