Balloon Flights In Phoenix and Scottsdale We are Back!

We are back! The sumer flying season went well in Montana. Kalispell is a beautiful location to fly with wonderful people. Phoenix is our home. I have been ballooning in Phoenix Arizona in the winters since 1986. Hot air balloons in the Phoenix area have been part of the desert skyline since the 70s. I have over 9000 hours or balloon flight since my early days. I have had the amazing experience of watching the area grow. We still have one of the most unique areas to fly balloons. Balloons fly with the wind so we choose a liftoff location that will give us the best flight for the day. We typically can low level through the mountains and then climb high enough that on a clear day we can see from Flagstaff to Tucson. From now till June we will be taking people from all over the The metropolitan area, From all over the US and all over the world for a balloon flight! our balloons only carrie four to five passengers plus the pilot. So if you are looking for things to do on Phoenix or Things to do in scottsdale or even things to do in Glendale give us a call.

Most other companies carry 14 so we book up fast!