Balloon flights in North Phoenix

Hot air ballooning in Arizona has been largely based in the North Phoenix area. It provides a good mix of terrain to fly over. Each day we select a take off location that will give us the best flight for the day. Our goal is to get some mountain flying. The best flights are when we can get low. The views of the desert from just above the cactus are spectacular. At some point during the flight we like to climb high. Usually 5000 to 6000 feet. on most days we can see the snow capped mountains in Flagstaff to the north and Mount Lemon in Tucson to the South. Then the main goal is to land in an location that the chase crew can get to us.

I typically tell people flying a hot air balloon is like playing pier with mother nature and father time. Mother nature deals the cards and you play the cards you are delt.  Certain days there is magic. Not to long ago we had an overcast day. The winds where favorable but it was cloudy. You take off and the next thing you know you find yourself in a backdrop that photos just do justice. The picture in this post was my balloon taken from another balloon. You gotta love cell phones Taylor texted me this picture while in flight. We where just North of the Deer Valley airport. The passengers that day where treated to an amazing display of beauty in the clouds. 

The passengers where treated to a view they will never forget. Thanks to mother nature taylor Aldridge and iPhone.