Hot air balloon flights for spring

Hot air balloon flights in Arizona are the best! The temps are perfect and the Desert will soon be in bloom. Our sunrise flights are cool and comfortable while the afternoon flights can be a little warm. On either flight the scenery is awesome. We tell our passengers a low flight threw the desert is a great way to hike. You do not work up a sweat, you don't twist and ankles and you don't have to worry about snakes or those pesky jumping cholla.  

Recently we flew from the Phoenix stadium in Glendale Arizona Thirty Five Balloons put on quite a show for the Out West Balloon fest. It was the first year for the event but we think it will really take off. No pun intended. It will be held in early March each year. This year I had the pleasure of flying the Mayor of Glendale. He was not your run of the mill mayor! He rode his Harley to the balloon event and is a seasons aviator. Maybe someday he will add on his balloon rating and be the first balloon off at the next years event. These events are family oriented. My daughter is 10 years old and just loves coming to the event and playing with the other balloonist kids. She defiantly loves to help set up the balloon and answer questions. She helps pack up and usually falls spun asleep on the way home. 

Each year we get buy this time of year because of spring training. Thousands of people come to Arizona and look for things to do before or after there favorite team has there games! Our sunrise flights happen at Sunrise each day so that leaves plenty of time to take in a game!

We finished our weekend off at Greaswood Flats in Scottsdale. Its been a landmark and Scottsdale thing to do for over 40 years and unfortunately will be closing at the end of the month. We hope to do a few flights out of the parking lot for sentimental reasons. It will be missed and replaced with more homes. Just what we needed.